Think of our artist development program as a training school for your music career, in which you will have songs written for you. You can have a team of professionals working around you from stylists to choreographers (if required in your genre), producers to songwriters and you will experience the buzz and excitement that many of our artists have – such as being recognized in the street by groups of excited fans.

You will be trained vocally and you will receive performance lessons. Your musical style will be explored and songs will be written and recorded for you, which you will then record on.  You may do music videos, you will do YouTube covers and learn how to build your fan base and you will then start to do live gigs to build your confidence as an artist.

Your recording skills will be honed, you will learn how to interact with music industry executives and you will hold yourself confidently in the knowledge that you have been trained to the highest standard with completely individual attention. This isn’t like school/college where you have to put up with ‘generalized’ training.  This is all for you, in your genre, for your career and those whom it’s right for will be invited into a management agreement where we will take you even further.

Because of our network of professionals, we can offer everything a musician/singer needs ‘under one roof’ at prices below that of which are advertised publicly.  This saves money, time, stress and requires no effort on the part of the artist (or artists’ parent/guardian).